Monday, 3 December 2018

3rd December 2018 Advent Calendar

Here is the prompt for the 3rd of December.  Remember to post a comment of what your card looked like and who you have it to.

2nd Dec Advent Calendar

Here is the prompt for 2nd of December.  Remember to post a comment of what you made and tell us if you shared it with someone, or just enjoyed making it with family and friends.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Fill a Stocking 1 Dec 18

Here is the prompt for the 1st of December.  Remember to leave a comment to explain what movie you watched.  Have fun.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Writing our versions of 'Baby Shark'

This week as part of writing our children turned one of their favorite songs into a new version.  Here are 2 that we shared with our assembly.   First the children listened to different versions of 'baby shark' and then had little chats about how they could change it.  We have cleaning up version to santa versions to dinosaur and kiwi version.  It was fantastic.  

Lets just say our writing on this day was not particularly quiet, but the children were very focused on their own versions, singing them away to themselves as they wrote.  

Afterwards the some children had time to record their versions in garage band using a backing track Mrs G had already made up for them.  Then this was used in iMovie to record their version.  One group even used the green room to record their version.

Well done to you all.   Writing songs is a great reason to write, and it is so fun too.

Baby Elf. 
By Olivia.

Baby Dinosaur.
By Sienna G.

Fill a Stocking 2018

Here is this years Fill a Stocking advent calendar that Team Maunga have created.  This follows on from what Team Maunga have created for the past few years.  It works similar to the traditional advent calendar except that instead of receiving a chocolate they doing nice things for others each day.  Please feel free to follow this at home as well and let us know things you do in the comments as we would love to hear about it.

Please also note that these are the ideas of our children, and that they are not about spending ANY money.  It is about doing simple little things for others.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Halloween 2018

Today was Halloween.  Lots of children choose to dress up and come to school in costume

Saturday, 3 November 2018

baby shark

Here is another video Team Maunga created together.  Just for fun.  This is a groovy and fun song that we all like to sing, so we decided to do our own version of it.

We hope you enjoy

Ma is white

Here is a video that Team Maunga created to help them learn and remember words for Te Reo this term.  It starts with our traditional Ma is white and then it introduces the new Te Reo words and actions.  

To create this our class recorded using greenscreen.  Several of our Year 2 children were able to support Whaea Carol to learn how to do greenscreen.  Thank you Khloe, and Legacy for that.

You taught Whaea Carol about how to download pictures that are free to use and modify, then your showed her how to put them into DoInk (our greenscreening app), and then how to record and save our little clips.

This video also required us to create the music.  Mrs G helped us to use garage band to create a backing track and record our lyrics.  We had to create lots of different layers to make the final track.

Finally we were able to piece it all together.

This has been a great opportunity to use both our Technology, Te Reo and Music to help us rewind our learning.  Matua Ken loves using these videos to help us and the other teams at Ohaeawai School to learn Te Reo.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Week 2 Term 4 Writing Challenge

This week we are back online with our commenting issue sorted.  (Let us know if you are having any issues so we can resolve these as soon as we can).  This weeks writing challenge is a recount challenge with children being asked to create a recount based on something they have done at home with their family. 

In class we talk about using the 'Hamburger' when writing a recount.  This means we start with an introduction (bun - a bit boring but needs to be there), then we have the first, next and finally (the good bit in the middle with all the juicy details that make the burger or recount magic), and last but not least we have the conclusion (the bit that ties it all together - often a feeling and include something like "I can't wait until next time").

Have fun and don't forget to email photos or other digital versions of work that you create, or you can just publish a recount in the comments below.


Friday, 21 September 2018

Learning beyond expectations.

This week we have had a couple of students choose to do additional creative work, and it has been such a busy week with shows, assembly and fire men visiting as well.  Here are a few that got finished and are ready to share with others.

This is Kaye-Lani's.  She has spent 2 weeks getting this ready to share.  She got inspired to write her pepeha (which we had been discussing in class).  She brought it in to share with us and when we suggested that she record it on the ipad, she went away super excited, and created a stop motion.  She was super proud of herself.  We however said that this was by no means finished.  She then had to go back and research her Tongan pepaha so she could also include this.  This has been something Kaye-Lani has been very shy about within our class.  After the suggestion was made, she was still very apprehensive, so we tried to enlisted the help of her brothers ... In the end, we just rang home.  Kaye-Lani's mum was fantastic to chat to and within a few days Kaye-Lani bounced into school carrying her Tongan version of her Pepeha.  She shared it with us, and then added it to her Explain Everything.  She was very excited to share this today as part of our school assembly.

This is an amazing example of a student using writing to bridge not 2 languages but 3, not just English and Te Reo but also Tongan.  Seeing her now sharing her understanding of all 3 language in class as well as in this Explain Everything has been PRICELESS!!!  Well done Kaye-Lani and your family.  You guys ROCK.

This is Nicks, he is learning to use his imagination to create different stories, about a range of different things.  He has used Lego to create a scene, and has then been able to use some Lego ships and other creations to create a stop motion story.  When Nick had finished making the stop motion movie he then started learning how to record the oral story that goes with his stop motion movie. 

We can't wait to see the sequels Nick.

Reading Plays

Every now and again Mrs G brings her iPad in from home.  When she does we sometimes use an app called puppet pals.  This is a great way to record stories and plays, however we don't have it on our school iPads.  This week Mrs G came up with a way to replicate something like puppet pals on Explain Everything.  Here are a few examples.  

The First story was the play, The birthday cake that the Hovercrafts reading group had.  They broke into 2 groups to record the whole story.  Enjoy.

Part 1
By Honey & Nakita

Part 2
By Kaelan, Harvey & Rakai

Watch out for next weeks version of 'The Terrible Fright'.  It was one of the books that the Water skiers read during the week.  They really enjoyed starting to make this into a play as well, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Great work everyone!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Week 9 Writing Challenge

Here is this weeks writing challenge.  Last week we revisited our OREO writing and how this helps us to argue our point of view on different topics.  This weeks writing challenge asks us to revisit this at home using the topic of fire alarms.

Please share your stories either in the comments section below, photograph your writing and email it to or bring it into school to share.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Fire Story Publishing

This week we have been writing stories to help us think about fire and fire safety. One of our writing tasks this week meant that we would revisit OREO writing, with this weeks focus being that fire alarms are important.  We hope that this will help our blog readers to comment on week 9's writing challenge.








Sienna M





Learning Through Play - In the garden

This week we did lots of things around gardening.  We hope you enjoy this explain everything that share some of the learning that we did while we were playing.  Remember to leave us comments as this helps us with our learning.

Escape plans from week 8 - Writing Challenge

Part of week 8's writing challenge had students talking at home and creating escape plans with their parents.  Here are some examples of escape plans that children shared.

Keep up the amazing writing guys it is fantastic to see.  This week we have enjoyed receiving your different and creative ideas about fire safety.

Felicity                               Sienna M

Khloe                                    Harvey

 Bailey worked with her mum and dad and came up with different versions with the same meeting place.  They had great fun thinking and talking together.

Kaelan used Pic Collage to share his ideas about his fire plan and safe meeting place.

Nakita created an Explain Everything about her escape plan.

Aiden even made a cool movie about his fire safety plan!

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Week 8 Writing Challenge

This week we will revisit fire safety at school so this weeks writing challenge reflects this learning.  We welcome all our blog readers to comment on this post as we love receiving comments from parents, and others from all over NZ.  This challenge also has a second part that asks for you to take a photo of your escape plan and email it to so we can add these to our blog.  Although we hope that none of us will ever need to use these escape plans, it is a very important part of being prepared, so we look forward to seeing them.

Plant Report Publishing

This week we broke into 2 groups for publishing.  One group published their work by hand to go up on our writing wall, and the other group published on explain everything, so we could share these examples and help us to reflect on our learning.

This weeks writing has focused lots on how we write reports, as a topic to focus on we looked mainly at plants and herbs.  The children really enjoyed going out each morning to gather herbs from our school garden.  On friday we painted some concrete blocks with the words Kawakawa on to support Team Awa's gardening as a thank you.

We talked about reports needing an introduction, followed by information specific to what it is the report is about, and then a conclusion.  Here are some of our finished publishing examples for you to enjoy and comment on.











Looking forward to seeing your comments.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Play based learning - Week 6, Term 3

This week the Play based learning group has been focused on communication with phones and looking at how they have changed.  On friday as part of their play based learning activities they went to the LEGO room to create their own phones.

Maree our amazing TA has been working with them and when I mentioned that if she got photos I would get a child to convert it into a movie for us, and she said ... "I just find, I'm so busy, I don't get time to take photos"  which was a perfectly valid point ... SO ... instead of acknowledging defeat... and opting for status quo... We improvise and change what we do to make the things that are valuable even more valuable by documenting them, creating with them, and sharing them so we can reflect on our own learning, rewind our learning or help others with their learning.

PLAN B emerged.

This week we chose a year 2 student who was both confident with using an iPad, and confident at writing.  Her job was to make notes while in the Lego room with the play based learning group, and take lots of photos.  When they all came back to a breakout room by Team Maunga, it was her job to write alongside these writers and convert her notes into an explain everything or movie.

This had such potential to be motivating for all involved (including those students within the main class who wanted to be apart of it next time!).  Sienna M did a fantastic job of recording and creating around the learning this group were doing.  Well done everyone!

WAHOO... Lesson here for us all... Where there is a will, there is a way.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Maunga Iti's Assembly Term 3 2018

On Friday Maunga Iti did an amazing job sharing their learning at assembly. We were so proud of all the children standing up to talk into a microphone in front of the whole school. Mrs Edwards was really impressed by the way you used clear strong voices. Tisayah did an awesome job on the computer changing our presentation slides. 
Well done Nate for getting our class Cool Kid Certificate this week for his great progress in reading!

We made a movie for our 'Chicken Yeah!' song. We made up some chicken actions and dances to go along with the music. We had a lot of fun pretending to be flying, scratching, racing. clucking, chickens!

We also made a movie to show our school values and how we practise these values every day at school. Our values are responsible, reliable, honest, caring, trustworthy, and respect. We also talked about why these values are important and how we can be the best that we can be.

Our native bird pastel art is up on Room 4's walls. They look very impressive with their warm coloured birds on a cold coloured forest background. The children used strong, bright colouring techniques.

Last Wednesday we had our inter school cross country. Well done to all the children who ran in their first ever cross country! Here are some photos of Maunga Iti children at the end of their long race. 

Keep up the great learning Maunga Iti. I can't wait until our next assembly!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

What am I Story challenge!

I have two wings and a nose.
I have a tall tail.
I soar among the clouds.
I have many viewing spots, where eyes can look through to see the world below.
I fly many, many kilometres year after year to exciting destinations around the world.
What am I?

By Miss Fletcher

I have a big tail.
I love to eat fish
I soar among the sea.
I drown everyone around in fear.
I have stared in many movies, always the bad guy.
What am I?

By Braeden

I have a frame.
My frame comes in different colors.
You can see through me.
I am used for reading.
I have two arms and two big glass eyes.
What am I?

By Ronan

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Fridays maths questions

Here is Fridays question.  Email me your answers as well.  Its always fun to see you responding to these questions online.  Remember to have fun.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Wednesdays Maths Questions

I know that teachers are having a full day strike tomorrow but I thought I would post the question for tomorrow now.  As we won't be at school and you are reading this, you will need to email me your answers (again by the end of the day).  There will be another question for Thursday, so keep checking back here for the next lot of questions.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Tuesday's Maths Week Questions

Here are the questions for Tuesday!  I am moving how I am receiving your answers and emails!  Fantastic stuff Room 5 & 6.  Looking forward to having you send me emails tomorrow as well.  

PS.  I like how you have also added comments to Mondays problem as it makes this more exciting for everyone (including me).

Remember to have fun as you do this challenge as well.  

Also exciting news.  So far our Year 1's are ranking 8th in the world for our scores on Matifics Maths week warmup - Their challenge begins in 6 hours (I'm guessing because of different time differences).  So lets keep this up Year 1's.  Looking forward to seeing our Year 2's stepping up as well.  WAHOO!!!

Maths Week has arrived!

Here is Mondays Question for you all to puzzle over together.  Mondays answers need to be to me by Monday night, so they can be put into the box in the Library during the day or emailed to me (Mrs G) tonight.


PS.  Tuesdays Question I post on here tonight (so you can have a head start if you pop back on here).

Friday, 10 August 2018


As many of you will now know Room 5 & 6, are entering a Matific competition as part of New Zealand's Maths week, happening next week.  Each child has their login and password in the front of their Learning Journals (unless they have not been bringing them to school).  From Thursday our children have been learning to log in as part of a warm up for this competition.  Currently we are ranking on the leader table so this is great news for all of us. 

We have set tasks for our children in Matific and these relate to building number knowledge.  Some tasks may seem nice and simple but others will seem more complicated.  Although you can login via , I would encourage you to download the app if you are using a tablet or your phone.

Although we will not have access to Matific for a long period of time it seems like a fun and interactive way to engage our children in maths.  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Portia Woodman

Today we had a visit from Portia Woodman. This was very exciting for all of us as she is more than just a national hero to many of us here at Ohaeawai. To some of us she was also family.

She talked to us about how we need to be proud of who we are and where we come from. She told us about how she came from Kaikohe, and that she was proud of this and all that she had accomplished because of who she was and is.

Along with telling us about needing to be proud of who we are, she also talked to us about how if we want something badly enough ... we can achieve it. And if that doesn't quite work out, something else will.

She reminded us that there will be highs and lows, and that nothing is going to be perfect all the time, but we will get better and we will get stronger if we keep trying.

This attitude reminded us of how Mrs G keeps reminding us not to say "I can't do something" but to rather add 1 word to the end of it. "I can't do something YET!".

Dreams were also something she talked to us about. She explained her life long dream of playing Netball alongside her idols, becoming a silver fern, but also how that dream shifted into a new dream of playing Rugby for NZ.