Friday, 25 October 2019

Greats and Grands Day

We had a great day for Greats and Grands 2019.  Here are some photos of us all together.  We really enjoyed sharing our blogs with our grandparents when we got back to class.

Mesiah's Scratch Jr

Yesterday Tanya came in and worked with Maunga Nui and Iti on Scratch Jr and Bee Bots coding. We had to draw our grandparents and programme their drawing to do something they love.
Mesiah created a Scratch Jr of his family dancing. He is with his nan and sister Manea. Next time Mesiah wants to add music to his animation. 

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Additional Movie for our school competition

Here is another movie we created together for our school movie competition.  We learned a song and then decided to remake it to reflect what we saw and liked about being at the zoo.  When we got back from the zoo we set up making masks to use in our movie remix.  Finally, they were finished and we were ready.

This is what we did next.

  1. We re-wrote the verses to fit with the animals we had made masks for.
  2. We choose backgrounds for each of the animals we were going to record
  3. We recorded small clips using a greenscreen app called DoInk.
  4. We remade the music to fit our animals and our verses using garage-band.
  5. We merged the music and the video clips together using iMovie on the iMac.
We hope you enjoy watching and start singing to our catchy new tune.

Team Maunga Movies

Here are our Auckland trip movies. We entered them in our School Movie Competition.  

This is how we made them:

  1. Took videos and photos while we were on our trip of all our adventures.
  2. Sorted the videos and photos so that it was easy to make a movie about different parts of our trip.
  3. Choose a movie trailer in iMovie and then change the storyboard to suit our trip.
  4. Insert the movies and photos into this storyboard so it matches with our story.
  5. Check and edit our movies to make sure it is as correct as possible.
  6. Upload it 
We hope you enjoy watching them.

By Waiahi and Ivy L

Marae Stay
By Nerali & Kaelan

Kelly Tarlton's
By Nakita

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Maunga Iti at the Library

Every Tuesday Maunga Iti visit the library. We return our books from the week before so we can take new ones home. Sometimes we ask Mrs C if we can have a book for another week because we don't get it finished before Tuesday. 
Today Mrs C spotted these wonderful learners reading quietly. They definitely know what to do in library time!

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Harolds First Visit

To start our session we recapped on what to do in a fire.  We talked about where our safe meeting places were (this would be something to talk about at home again as well.  We also talked about ringing 111 and knowing what to say.

Following this, we moved on to talk about how all living things need some of the same things.  These are... 

Food - aim for healthy low-fat sugar and salt.  We need things that will feed our brains and help us get big and strong.  Fruit and vegetables are the best.

BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day so you have lots of energy for the day.

Oxygen - we breathe air in with oxygen and then we breath out waste called carbon dioxide.  This is what trees need and they breathe out oxygen.

Exercise - this helps our heart.  Our heart pumps air around our bodies.  When we exercise we are making our hearts stronger and get more blood going around our body.  It also helps our lungs get stronger as well.  It is really important and it gives us energy too. 

Water - we are 80% water and we are losing it all the time so we need to keep putting it back into our bodies.  Kidneys need water to help wash the blood and the clean stuff goes back into your body and the dirty stuff is what you end up peeing out.

Sleep - helps your brain.  Your brain's job is to help you control your body and keep your heart pumping and your lungs to keep breathing.  Sleep is really important to help your brain keep everything organised

When we were talking about sleep we also did a few experiments to use both sides of the brain.

The first exercise/experiment, we had to put our left hand on our nose and our right hand on our left ear... then cross these over...
In the second exercise/experiment we had to aim our fingers at our other hand (the target), then again swap these over.

This made us have lots of giggles!

Love - this makes us feel good and gives us energy.  

Safety - keeping personal details safe while online and when out and about.  Wearing safety equipment when playing sport.  Sunblock and sun hats, seat belts. and not talking to strangers...

A quote from today that we liked was ...
"To be the best we can be, we need to make sure we are doing all these things".

Like Harold says - We are all special and unique - we are all amazing.

Harold then came out and shared a joke with us ... why do giraffes have long legs?  They have smelly feet!  And then sang us a really cool song.  


Thursday, 10 October 2019

Spring Blogging Challenge - Nakita

Yipee!  I woke up, I ran to the kitchen. I got a surprise on the fridge I saw a note it said, "Today is the  Okaihau traverse".  It was the Sunday morning that daylight savings changed, Mum, Royston, Jayden and I got up super early so we could get ready for the 9km traverse in Okaihau.

First, we got to Kaikohe very early in the morning. There were a lot of cars.  While we waited for the bus we got our bibs on.

Next we saw the bus.  We got on it and it took us to the starting line.

Finally, we ran an ran. I finally got to the end

It was a great morning and I got 2 prizes.  I had a fun time.


Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Taking care of an egg

                                                            Taking care of an egg
Mum said," We can't use a real egg because it is Kai"  So I got an eggshell and I filled it up with cotton wool. Then I drew a face on the egg.  I found a plate to carry my eggshell around on. It was hard because I had to look after the egg all day.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

My Friend

I am starting school when school starts next term. I am very excited to go to school.

I look after Chilli my pet lamb. I hug Chilli and play with Chilli. I feed him with milk in a bottle. He can run and he chases and tries to bunt  Bronc and Baxter our dogs because he is starting to grow horns.

Bird Feeder

How to Make a Bird Feeder

A piece of wood





First I got some scissors then I cut the cardboard into a house.

Next, I broke some bread with my fingers then I put the bread on the wood.

Finally, I got dad to help me to put the bird feeder onto the netball goal.

Saturday, 5 October 2019

My First Fish

My First Fish

Waiahi waiting for the fish to bite.
On Saturday I went to catch a fish off the wharf at Whangaroa. I went with my family and my cousins.  My first fish was a yellowtail. 

First, we waited for Mason and his family to arrive. We waited and when they arrived we started
to fish. I had to use a fishing rod with some nylon on it and there was squid bait on the hook.

Next, I lowered it down into the calm sea and then I felt some big, big nibbles but then the fish
swam away. I then took Uncles fishing rod and there were heaps of hooks on it.
When I felt them pulling I saw two yellowtails. Then I wound it up slowly and then
I caught the yellowtails and I picked the fish up by their heads and put them in the bucket.
They were trying to get out of the bucket and one
slipped out of the bucket. I picked the fish up and the scales were really cool on
my hands when I picked the fish up. They were all over my hands and they were sticking
to my hands.

Finally, we went on to the other little floating wharf and we waited and waited.
We didn’t see any fish so we went back up to the big wharf.
Then I caught one more fish on Uncles rod. I picked it up and put it into the bucket.
It was sliggering around the bucket. It looked really cute.
I wanted to throw it back but I also wanted to keep it.

It was a good fishing day.

Waiahi holding her two Yellowtail fish.