Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Writing happens outside of school

Here is an example of a piece of writing a child completed over the holiday.  When she arrived at school on the first Monday back she asked if she could please publish it onto an explain everything and then have it uploaded to our blog.  Well done Sienna M.

Here is also an example of another piece of writing that a child created to share with the class as they were away sick.  She logged onto our class site to view what it was that the class was writing about.  She was lucky as she had access to a family iPad at home and did her work straight onto it and then shared it with our class.  Well done Nakita. 

Both pieces of writing are great examples of how writing can be an enjoyable thing to do both at school and at home.  They are also great examples that we can use as rewindable learning moments to share in class as part of learning we will do in the future.  Well done.

If your child does complete writing at home please help us to share it by either sending it to school with them or taking a photo of what they have done and emailing it to us directly.  Our kids love seeing their work up on the blog and getting comments and questions about what they are doing and learning.  This is such an important part of their learning journey.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Te Ra O Te Wiki

This week we have been learning the days of the week in Te Reo.  We have been learning the actions to go with it to help us remember.


To help us remember the days of the week, we created a short movie that we can replay to help us.

Mrs G got Matua to help us work out how to convert this into a Matua/Whaea Says (like Simon Says) game which we hope to present at our assembly in Week 2.  Thank you Frank, Liam and Cheyne for volunteering to take on this role in our assembly!  It is a big one.

Here is the words that we will be using to help us practice our days of the week (as well as other actions that we use in our classroom on a daily basis).

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Measurement Maths

When having a clean out of iPads I located these two examples of how children use iPads in our classroom to record events that they do and thing they are learning about.

They relate to our Measurement maths that we had at the end of Term 2.  We hope you enjoy.

This video shows children using different non-standard units to measure their own shadows and learn how to compare their measurements and shadows to their peers.  It was a fantastic fun way to practice these skills that will become apart of their life long learning journey.

This Explain Everything is a presentation that the children made to record the things they measured.  Great work guys, it was a fantastic idea.  

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Matt King - Duffy Assembly

Last term we had a special visitor Matt King come to our school for our Duffy Assembly.
We enjoyed listening to how reading has helped him become a politician for the National Party. His favourite book as a student was the Guinness Book of Records. 
Tisayah, Harley, and Jade were presented their books by Matt King in assembly! We were all given a new and exciting book to take home and keep.
Thank you for coming to our school Matt King!