Monday, 29 May 2017

Zaviers Tuatara Animal Report

Last week we continued with our animal reports and researching different animals.  One of the creatures we talked about (but didn't get around to looking into in detail) was the Tuatara.

Over the weekend Zavier did his own research and brought it back to share this morning.  It was a fantastic example of an animal recount from a year 2.  Well done Zavier.  Mrs S and I were so impressed with how your had researched, and written your report, that instead of doing more research with the rest of the class, you were able to move straight into publishing your report to share.  Well done on your amazing work.

Maths Standards Wall

Since our interactive board was fixed and we have been doing maths warm-ups in Room 6 again we have had a big focus on our maths standards learning wall.  So far the children have been mainly focusing on counting forwards and backwards in ones, twos, fives, and tens which has supported by both classroom warm-ups and learning sessions.

The Children all have a goal that they are trying to achieve.  Initially this was teacher selected, but now that the children are getting the hang of it they will select their own.  They then use their spare (or 'can-do') time in class to practice these independently.  When they feel like they are achieving this goal they write them name up in a special space, so we can check them during the day or maths session.

This morning we introduced the children to a new maths warm-up focus of 'what makes 10' and the video below is one that they enjoyed using and wanted shared on our blog so they could revisit it at home and at school to practice for their maths standards wall and our current classroom strategy focus.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Animal Reports Continued

Here are a few examples of Animal reports we have been working on in class.  We planned to share these as part of our assembly on Friday, and at the last minute we decided it would look cool to be green screened so EVERY ONE could see and hear our wonderful reports.  Here are two that we recorded.  These also will become a rewindable learning experience as we can look back to see how and what to include in animal reports in the future.

We recorded a third but I have to say we are really proud of the third child who said that his was not up to the standard of putting it up on our blog.  This highlights how we talk with the students about posting quality posts.  Well done Mason.  We look forward to re-recording your this week.

Backwards Rabbit

Here is the song that we sung in assembly on Friday.  The children in room 5 & 6 recreated the video.  First they created a story board to help them decide what video shots to take, Next they got an older child to help them take the shots and finally we put it all together using iMovie.  We hope you enjoy.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Animal Reports

Many children in our class are really engaged in our current writing topic of Animal Reports.  A number of children have been so excited about researching topics that they have been doing so at home as well as at school.  

The diagram below is one we created to help the children in class to remember the things that need to be included in an animal report, and this is helping them with their research at school.   This may support any one at home wishing to continue doing research.  

Feel free to email your findings to us, or take pictures of your child's work (or you researching together) which can be a lot of fun.  We always love sharing these at morning news time.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Our Skype to Daniel

Joel :  Today we skyped with Daniel over in Canada.  We had lots of fun.

Kyle :  We saw a loader, lots of be birds and also an airstrip.  We have come up with some questions to ask Daniel next time we Skype with him...

'What do you use the loader for?'
'Why did you need to have the fuel brought in to your airstrip?'

Stella :  It was great seeing the Moose antlers that had been painted golden, and the Beaver skull with the orange tooth for chewing wood.  Next time we Skype we want to ask Daniel...

'Why is the tooth Orange that it chews wood with?"
Also what happens now that the ice is melting and their homes are getting exposed?

Mikayla :  We learn't that Daniel and his family carry pepper spray in-case they get attacked by a bear, but that they have to be 3 feet away for it to be effective.  We also learn't that black bears can actually be white as well which sounded really interesting.  We will have to look up more about black bears for next time we Skype with Daniel.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pepeha Learning

In Te Reo this term we are revisiting our Pepeha learning from last term.  This week Mrs G snuck some of us out into the resource room next to our class to create a class Pepeha movie.  This was so we could revisit what we have been doing whenever we need to.  This is what we call rewindable learning.

We loved going out in small groups to create this movie.  We used do-ink on the iPads, and when we stood infront of the green fabric the background looked different on our iPad.  It made our movie look much more interesting.

We also decided that instead of just putting up a class Pepeha that we would have the question followed by the answer in Te Reo so we could not only practice the different parts of our Pepeha but we could also learn about asking and answering a question.

Enjoy our first movie on this topic, and if you have any ideas of other rewindable learning movies you would like to see on our blog make sure you comment so we can look into creating these.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Back into it with 30 night reading certificates

Well done Jake and Lucas on achieving your 30 night reading certificates.  Jake with all the reading you have done last year and this year, it is no wonder that you have flown from NZ and are now flying around the world with your reading levels.  Lucas you have made such fantastic improvements since you started in our class this year.  Make sure you keep it up when you move on to your next school later this month!

Also thank you Jayme for being the photographer so we made sure we captured this achievement. Mrs S and I love having such independent students in our class.