Saturday, 28 May 2016

Teddy bear picnic photos

These photos are tooooooooo cute not to share.  

Here is a video we created of our Teddy Bears Picnic.

We are starting to learn about making movies to help us share our learning.  Here Mrs G was showing us how to take short videos of different things, to make our movies more interesting.  We used Long shots, Medium shots and Close ups.  We liked helping to create this movie because the app we used played music as we were recorded.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

We're going on a bear hunt

Cash did a fantastic job of his reading response today.  It was too cute not to share!  Today's task was about punctuation.  Feel free to ask your child at home about these.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Word works.

Today we had a reliever in for Mrs S.  While Mrs G was taking everyone for Word Works, she got her group (us) to recap on our learning from last week, while the rest of the class practiced making and breaking short 'e' words like let, met, pet, peg, meg with her ...  Here are some photos of our independent work.  

After these photos were taken, we talked about the words on our list and some changes were made.  

Lets wear PINK to spread the message that BULLYING IS NOT COOL!

This Friday our school wore pink to promote the message that Bullying is not cool, and that we all stand against this kind of behavior.  We were all so impressed with how much pink was worn throughout the school.  

Well done Heidi for being chosen as the 'Pink Monster' from Room 5 & 6.  

Yum! Pumpkin soup!

 On Wednesday Room 5 & 6 went to our garden to choose some that we could look after.  While we were the the children discovered some pumpkins that were ready to eat.  They were keen to eat them right there and then, so we discuss how we could use the pumpkin to make Pumpkin soup.  We decided to do this on Friday.  So here we are eating our yummy pumpkin soup that we cooked in our classroom.

Re-writing the Cat in the hat story.

We are working on rewriting the Cat in the Hat story.  This is our shared book this week.  As you can see we are all engrossed in our writing.  When we write/share like this, we can easily build our ideas.  This helps us all to stay focused on our Learning intentions and goals.  This in turns helps us to develop more interesting ideas and stories.

We don't copy each other but we borrow each others ideas.  This means that when we hear, read, or see a good idea, it is OK for us to use it, as long as we make it our own.  This helps us to become great writers, and it also means we have a chance to help others become great writers.  It makes us very proud of ourselves and our friends.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Ngarino sharing her friends work for our assembly practice.

Ngarino on Friday we asked you to hold Jayme's work while she did a job.  When it came to her turn (and she wan't there), you just shared it for her.  You enjoyed it so much that we copied your work and got it ready for you to share with others later in the real assembly.  Well done.  Great communication!

Bike riding Tuesday

Today we went back out for our weekly bike riding sessions.  We are getting really good at riding and some of us got to ride all the way around the track today.  

We also had a few more people learn to ride for the first time with no trainer wheels.  They were Veon, and Heidi.  Here are a few pics they wanted to share of their learning.

Well done Heidi.  You have been working hard towards achieving this for a long time!  What a fantastic accomplishment!

Veon in just a few short week since starting in our class you have become successful in riding a bike on your own.  Well Done.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ball Skills with Whaea Gina

Today Whaea Gina came to Room 5 and 6 to teach us ball skills. 
We learnt how to use our hand to bounce a basket ball, and also how to bounce and chest pass to a buddy. 
We had lots of fun and lots of giggles. 
Check out our video that Joe, Frank and Teziah put together of our learning.
Next time Whaea Gina is going to teach us rugby ball skills. We can't wait!

Visit from Bev the Public Health Nurse

Today Bev our public health nurse came to visit Room 5 and  6. Bev showed us all the sugar that was in different drinks like juice and fizzy. Did you know that 400mls of Just Juice has 9 tps of sugar?
We also talked about how important it is to drink 4 glasses of water every day to help our bodies feel good. There is no sugar in water. Here is the video Bev showed us about why it is importanat to drink water.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Cat in the Hat Stomp words

Please practice these words with the your child at home. They are for a song that we will be singing at our assembly. WHICH IS THIS FRIDAY !!! The children started practicing this song last week.

Step to the left and
Step to the right
Scratch your back with all of your might
Wobble your knees and scratch again
Cat in the hat dances,
Cat in the hat sings.

Let’s bop around to the Cat in the hat stomp,
Bop ‘til you drop around the house
Bop around to the cat in the hat stomp,
Wobble, wobble, scratch, scratch, stomp, stomp, stomp!

Bop around to the Cat in the hat stomp,
Bop ‘til you drop around the house
Bop around to the cat in the hat stomp,
Wobble, wobble, scratch, scratch, stomp, stomp, stomp!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mystery fruit

Who knows what this mystery fruit is? 

Here are some clues:  
1. It smells like a watermelon.
2. It looks like passion fruit
3. It is full of little red juicy berries
4. It grows on trees
5. It has a thick brown skin around it 
6. and it is about the size of a hockey ball

Please tell us and help solve this mystery!

Posted by Cameron and Joe