Friday, 18 May 2018

Maths workshops

Heidi has the iMovie bug!!!

Today we had our maths workshops.  We decided to take some short snippets of things we were doing.  Heidi saw the opportunity to step up again... Not only has she volunteered to run one of our workshops next week but she also wanted to create an iMovie to show others what we do.

She worked with Legacy and Stella to get this movie published in time to share at our assembly in the afternoon.  

Pretty impressive.

Stop Motion Movie Making Instructions

This week during writing time children working with Mrs C Monday and Wednesday were asked to make a  movie explaining the steps of stop motion.  

Their first task was to discuss the steps that needed to make a movie.
Write these down clearly for others to read and listen to.
Record the scenes that supported each of the steps.
Piece it all together using iMovie - including adding the written steps.

What a great result they have come up with.  Ruby, Nicole and Heidi did a great job of piecing it together and they did a great job of sharing it at assembly.  Well done.

Heidi I am so proud of you for stepping up and volunteering.  This was not your writing group but when you saw and opportunity to get yourself involved you grabbed it (and nailed it).  To be honest, once you saw the opportunity to get involved.  MAGIC!!!

Our new School Pou

Recently we had our new Pou unveiling.  Here is a story that Sienna M made and published using Explain Everything.  The part she enjoyed most was taking and adding pictures.  It was really strange because Mrs G suggested taking these pictures in Portrait rather than Landscape (but they soon worked out why).  

Sienna M wanted to share this 'Recount' as it had a clear introduction, sequence and conclusion.  

Recounts haven't been our classes focus for a while so Mrs G and Ms F were very proud that Sienna M had remembered to include all these parts of a recount.  Mrs Craig was too. 

One thing Sienna M learn't was that she needed to count 1, 2, after she and finished talking so she didn't end up cutting the end off her recording.  Great effort Sienna M.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Here is a presentation that Maia and Laylah created following the visit from the Butterfly Lady.

They researched their facts. 
Then decided what to write on each slide.
Next they added their pictures (and took pictures), to match what they were saying on each slide.
Finally they added their voices to each slide to make it more interesting.

They thought it was a shame that they didn't do this in the first term when there were so many caterpillars chrysalis and butterfly around our classroom.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Stop Motion

This week we have been learning to use Stop Motion on the iPads. Our focus has been to move objects in small steps and learn tips on what makes a good movie.

So far we have found out these things:
  • You need to keep the iPad in the same place.
  • Only move objects a little bit each time.
  • You need lots of shots for one video.
  • A background looks good behind the lego.
  • We need to make sure our hands are not in the shot.
This first movie is by Nakita and Kaelan.

Our second movie is by Kaelan and Harvey.
Our third movie is by Waiahi and Keeara.
Our Stop Motion experts will be showing more kids how to use this app next week.

Learning Time

Here it is the sequel you've all been waiting for!
Harvey, Kaelan, and Rakai have put together a trailer to show some of our learning we do in Room 4. 
  • First they brainstormed all the different subjects they wanted to shoot. 
  • Next they used a storyboard to keep track of which learning they had taken a photo and video of. 
  • Finally they put together all their footage into an amazing movie to share with you.

We can't wait for the third installment 'Playtime!'

Smoothie Day

Today in Room 4 we were learning to read and write recipes.
We had so many delicious bananas and apples we decided to make smoothies. 

First we wrote a recipe for our smoothie. 
Then we washed our hands. 
Next we cut up the bananas and apples and put them in the blender. 
After the fruit we poured in the milk and turned on the blender. It made a very loud noise! Finally we poured the smoothie into cups and drank them!

Here are some photos of our smoothie moustaches! 

Displaying IMG_1978.JPG       Displaying IMG_1974.JPG

Captain Cashtastic

On Wednesday we had a very special visitor come to our school... 
Captain Cashtastic! 
He taught us all about the different types of money and their values. we also learnt the difference between a want and a need. Some things we need to buy to help our lives like food or clothing. Some things we want to buy but we don't really need like toys. 
We can't wait for this savings superhero to come back again!

Displaying Captain Cashtastic.JPG          Displaying Captain Cashtastic1.JPG