Monday, 26 February 2018

Greedy Cat Reading Work

Today the Boogie Boarders were using Explain Everything to help them learn.  Check out their amazing work that they wanted to share with everyone.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Maths Statistics Inquiries.

What a busy start to school we have had in Team Maunga.  Mrs G has been working hard to establish new routines to make using iPads in our class easier and while she was doing this she discovered some Statistics work that we had wanted to share (but it got lost in our old system).  So here it is

Children came up with ideas/topics to ask questions about.

Laylah continued on with finding out about how much plastic is brought to school in peoples lunchboxes.  This showed that in Team Maunga we don't bring much 'plastic rubbish' to school, with many children in Team Maunga not having any rubbish at all.  She found that in Team Awa there seemed to be more rubbish and in Team Moana there was LOTS.

So in Team Maunga we have decided to set a CHALLENGE!

We want to Challenge the other teams to beat us next time we do this survey.  Lets reduce our rubbish and keep our school looking fantastic!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Water Safety
This week we were really lucky to have Tracey come to school to teach us water safety. 
Our favourite lesson was huddling together in the life jackets. We were learning how stay together if we fell in the water. Another goal was to try and float on our back and turn in the water onto our front without touching the bottom! Ask your kids to show you the 'mushroom' shape at home. This shape helps us float to the top. 
Next time we will learn how to float on our back and alert for help with our hand. 

Monday, 19 February 2018

New Class members

This week when we arrived at school we had a 8 new team members.  This was very exciting for everyone.  Nakita and Mrs G brought in some Tadpoles that had been caught on the farm where they live.  A number of them already had legs (so are known as froglets.  One was almost a frog when it arrived. 

When they arrived we had to find some rocks in our school grounds that could be used in the tank.  We then washed this carefully before adding the tadpoles (and froglets) to the tank.  We came up with some awesome inquiry questions to research about frogs, where they come from, how they hatch, what they eat, How much they weigh and many more.  So watch this space for an update on what we learn.

Later in the week we had one almost frog that loved jumping around, so just in case it tried to jump out we went searching for something to pop over our tank.  We came back with a lovely hair net used when people are cooking at our school.  This was perfect!  After school Mrs G took it back to her house to release it back where it came from (as we have heaps more to watch).  Mrs S has a tank that she is going to set up in Room 4 as well so there will me more opportunities for Team Maunga to learn and talk about frogs.

Word Works Starts

This week we started up our 3 Minute Frenzy.  On Monday we had a chat about what a 3 minute frenzy is and how they could practice at home or at school for Wednesdays 3 minute Frenzy Launch, however Wednesday got so busy that we had to cut our session short.  This was very disappointing for a number of children who had been practicing in their own spare time, so so instead of doing it Wednesday we did it on Thursday.  Here are the 4 'Word works stars' for week 3.  Two children are year 2, and two are year 1's.  This is amazing stuff.  Ms F and I can't wait to see what you can achieve by the end of the year!  


Monday, 12 February 2018

Team Maunga 2018

Welcome to our Blog for 2018.  We hope you enjoy watching and commenting on our learning Journey this year.