Monday, 22 October 2018

Week 2 Term 4 Writing Challenge

This week we are back online with our commenting issue sorted.  (Let us know if you are having any issues so we can resolve these as soon as we can).  This weeks writing challenge is a recount challenge with children being asked to create a recount based on something they have done at home with their family. 

In class we talk about using the 'Hamburger' when writing a recount.  This means we start with an introduction (bun - a bit boring but needs to be there), then we have the first, next and finally (the good bit in the middle with all the juicy details that make the burger or recount magic), and last but not least we have the conclusion (the bit that ties it all together - often a feeling and include something like "I can't wait until next time").

Have fun and don't forget to email photos or other digital versions of work that you create, or you can just publish a recount in the comments below.