Friday, 30 November 2018

Writing our versions of 'Baby Shark'

This week as part of writing our children turned one of their favorite songs into a new version.  Here are 2 that we shared with our assembly.   First the children listened to different versions of 'baby shark' and then had little chats about how they could change it.  We have cleaning up version to santa versions to dinosaur and kiwi version.  It was fantastic.  

Lets just say our writing on this day was not particularly quiet, but the children were very focused on their own versions, singing them away to themselves as they wrote.  

Afterwards the some children had time to record their versions in garage band using a backing track Mrs G had already made up for them.  Then this was used in iMovie to record their version.  One group even used the green room to record their version.

Well done to you all.   Writing songs is a great reason to write, and it is so fun too.

Baby Elf. 
By Olivia.

Baby Dinosaur.
By Sienna G.

Fill a Stocking 2018

Here is this years Fill a Stocking advent calendar that Team Maunga have created.  This follows on from what Team Maunga have created for the past few years.  It works similar to the traditional advent calendar except that instead of receiving a chocolate they doing nice things for others each day.  Please feel free to follow this at home as well and let us know things you do in the comments as we would love to hear about it.

Please also note that these are the ideas of our children, and that they are not about spending ANY money.  It is about doing simple little things for others.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Halloween 2018

Today was Halloween.  Lots of children choose to dress up and come to school in costume

Saturday, 3 November 2018

baby shark

Here is another video Team Maunga created together.  Just for fun.  This is a groovy and fun song that we all like to sing, so we decided to do our own version of it.

We hope you enjoy

Ma is white

Here is a video that Team Maunga created to help them learn and remember words for Te Reo this term.  It starts with our traditional Ma is white and then it introduces the new Te Reo words and actions.  

To create this our class recorded using greenscreen.  Several of our Year 2 children were able to support Whaea Carol to learn how to do greenscreen.  Thank you Khloe, and Legacy for that.

You taught Whaea Carol about how to download pictures that are free to use and modify, then your showed her how to put them into DoInk (our greenscreening app), and then how to record and save our little clips.

This video also required us to create the music.  Mrs G helped us to use garage band to create a backing track and record our lyrics.  We had to create lots of different layers to make the final track.

Finally we were able to piece it all together.

This has been a great opportunity to use both our Technology, Te Reo and Music to help us rewind our learning.  Matua Ken loves using these videos to help us and the other teams at Ohaeawai School to learn Te Reo.