Friday, 31 May 2019

Scratch Jr Coding with Tanya

On Tuesday Tanya came in to help us learn about Scratch Jr a coding programme on the iPads. This week we were learning to change the size and speed of objects. Then we showed how gravity affects objects. We are picking up the new coding skills quickly.  Maunga Iti and Nui learn together and help each other.
We really enjoy Tanya's visits and look forward to the next one!

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Project energize - Food groups

Today Fui came to our class from Project energize.

She talked about how our body is kind of like a car.  If we didn't put petrol in our car it won't work.  But we also need to make sure we put the right fuel into our cars.

This is the same in our bodies.

We then learnt about 4 main food groups (and 1 extra group).

Vegetables & Fruit
Red (Apples, Tomatoes, Strawberries).
Yellow (Banana's, Capsicums,
Green (Lettuce, Broccoli, Apples)\

These have vitamins and minerals. - These help you get stronger and stronger and make our brains work (waiahi).  They make our brains smarter (Tyler)

They are like SUPERHEROS - these vitamins are high in fiber.

We need HEAPs of servings of these each day.

We call this the GLOW group.  (We need 5 or more helpings of this a day).

Milk and milk products
These foods have lots of calcium.  This makes our bones and teeth strong.

We call this a GROW group.  (We need 2or 3 servings per day)

Meat  and meat alternatives
These have proteins - this makes your body stronger.

We also call this a Grow group.  (We need 1 or 2 servings per day)

These give us the energy that makes us go.

We call this a GO group (we need 5 servings per day)

These include things made from wheat.
(bread popcorn, Weetbix

There is also a SLOW food group (we should only eat these SOMETIMES)
These are high in sugar.

Chocolate, fizzy dring, Chips, Chewing gum.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Maunga Nui and Iti's Assembly 10th May 2019

On Friday we shared our learning at our assembly.
Here are are our movies that show our space writing that we put onto green screen. Nui wrote about a starry night, Iti were using adjectives to describe the sun. Come into our class and have a look at all our published stories on our writing frames.

In the afternoons Maunga Iti have been working with Team Maunga exploring rocket launches into space. Hannah worked with Harley Barlow, Susanna worked with Kaelan, Tyler worked with Rakai, and Andrew worked with Ivy and Daniel S, to create a Stop Motion of a rocket launch. First they had to create their rockets in the LEGO room. Then we learnt how to take lots of pictures moving our rocket slowly each step. When we played our movie it made our rockets look like they were launching into space all by themselves. This week we are learning about gravity. The children choose the activity they want to do over the week to learn and explore more about our theme. 
Here are their Stop Motions.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Reading therapy dogs

Every week we have the 'Reading therapy dogs' visit.  Today when they came we had a big talk about how to be safe around dogs.

One of the things we learnt was to check that a dog is safe before we approach them.

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Rocket Coding

Today we have been working with coding in scratch again.  We linked this to our learning in class which is about space and ROCKETS which we are VERY excited about.

Here are a few examples our coding.  Enjoy and don't forget to comment and ask us questions.