Thursday, 21 June 2018

Cyber Smart Awareness

Kia Ora Blog Readers!
We have been learning all about how to keep ourselves safe when using a digital device.  See if you can hear some of the important things we need to do to make sure we remain safe on line. Check out our link to Hector's World.








Fifth Installment of Stop Motion Movies

Final installment of these stop motions (THIS TIME AROUND!!!).  I'm sure there will be more just around the corner as the children really enjoyed making these and are constantly looking for opportunities to create some more.  So watch this space!

Liam, Violet, Harlem

Riah, Levi, Charlee

Riah, Charlee

Nicole, Rakai

Frank, Xoriin, Tahlia, Asha

Aiden, Saxdyn, Bailey, Travis


Fourth Installment of Stop Motion Movies

Yes!  Here we are again.  The children in our team had great fun making these and are so eager to share.  We hope you enjoy.  Please keep commenting and adding your ideas and thoughts.  See if you can work out what these stop motions are about.

Grace, Waiahi, Ollie

Kaye-lani, Ivy, Ross

Heidi, Felicity, Calla

Riah, Levi

Stella, Nakita, Sienna G

Third Installment

Here is the next lot of stop motion movies.  Arn't they fantastic.  Our children are so excited to see how their writing of story boards helps to create amazing movies.

Nerali & Stella

Harley, Nate, Xoriin

Ruby & Khloe

SiennaM, Jade, Harvey

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Stop Motion Movies - Second Installment

Here is our second installment of stop motion movies.  Can you guess which nursery rhymes these are about? Let us know what you think. 

Mesiah and Nick

Aiden, Legacy and Prayz

Cheyne and Kaelan

Aumaarire, Aston and Brody (Supported by Stella)

Stop Motion - First installment

This term we have been working hard on our Stop Motion Movies.  We have created mini movies relating to nursery rhymes.  Here are the first of our Stop Motion Movies see if you can guess what nursery rhyme they are about. 

Stella and Nerali

Sapphire and Laylah

Honey, Khloe and Ruby

Mesiah and Nick (Supported by Aiden)