Sunday, 26 August 2018

Maunga Iti's Assembly Term 3 2018

On Friday Maunga Iti did an amazing job sharing their learning at assembly. We were so proud of all the children standing up to talk into a microphone in front of the whole school. Mrs Edwards was really impressed by the way you used clear strong voices. Tisayah did an awesome job on the computer changing our presentation slides. 
Well done Nate for getting our class Cool Kid Certificate this week for his great progress in reading!

We made a movie for our 'Chicken Yeah!' song. We made up some chicken actions and dances to go along with the music. We had a lot of fun pretending to be flying, scratching, racing. clucking, chickens!

We also made a movie to show our school values and how we practise these values every day at school. Our values are responsible, reliable, honest, caring, trustworthy, and respect. We also talked about why these values are important and how we can be the best that we can be.

Our native bird pastel art is up on Room 4's walls. They look very impressive with their warm coloured birds on a cold coloured forest background. The children used strong, bright colouring techniques.

Last Wednesday we had our inter school cross country. Well done to all the children who ran in their first ever cross country! Here are some photos of Maunga Iti children at the end of their long race. 

Keep up the great learning Maunga Iti. I can't wait until our next assembly!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

What am I Story challenge!

I have two wings and a nose.
I have a tall tail.
I soar among the clouds.
I have many viewing spots, where eyes can look through to see the world below.
I fly many, many kilometres year after year to exciting destinations around the world.
What am I?

By Miss Fletcher

I have a big tail.
I love to eat fish
I soar among the sea.
I drown everyone around in fear.
I have stared in many movies, always the bad guy.
What am I?

By Braeden

I have a frame.
My frame comes in different colors.
You can see through me.
I am used for reading.
I have two arms and two big glass eyes.
What am I?

By Ronan

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Fridays maths questions

Here is Fridays question.  Email me your answers as well.  Its always fun to see you responding to these questions online.  Remember to have fun.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Wednesdays Maths Questions

I know that teachers are having a full day strike tomorrow but I thought I would post the question for tomorrow now.  As we won't be at school and you are reading this, you will need to email me your answers (again by the end of the day).  There will be another question for Thursday, so keep checking back here for the next lot of questions.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Tuesday's Maths Week Questions

Here are the questions for Tuesday!  I am moving how I am receiving your answers and emails!  Fantastic stuff Room 5 & 6.  Looking forward to having you send me emails tomorrow as well.  

PS.  I like how you have also added comments to Mondays problem as it makes this more exciting for everyone (including me).

Remember to have fun as you do this challenge as well.  

Also exciting news.  So far our Year 1's are ranking 8th in the world for our scores on Matifics Maths week warmup - Their challenge begins in 6 hours (I'm guessing because of different time differences).  So lets keep this up Year 1's.  Looking forward to seeing our Year 2's stepping up as well.  WAHOO!!!

Maths Week has arrived!

Here is Mondays Question for you all to puzzle over together.  Mondays answers need to be to me by Monday night, so they can be put into the box in the Library during the day or emailed to me (Mrs G) tonight.


PS.  Tuesdays Question I post on here tonight (so you can have a head start if you pop back on here).

Friday, 10 August 2018


As many of you will now know Room 5 & 6, are entering a Matific competition as part of New Zealand's Maths week, happening next week.  Each child has their login and password in the front of their Learning Journals (unless they have not been bringing them to school).  From Thursday our children have been learning to log in as part of a warm up for this competition.  Currently we are ranking on the leader table so this is great news for all of us. 

We have set tasks for our children in Matific and these relate to building number knowledge.  Some tasks may seem nice and simple but others will seem more complicated.  Although you can login via , I would encourage you to download the app if you are using a tablet or your phone.

Although we will not have access to Matific for a long period of time it seems like a fun and interactive way to engage our children in maths.  Please feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Portia Woodman

Today we had a visit from Portia Woodman. This was very exciting for all of us as she is more than just a national hero to many of us here at Ohaeawai. To some of us she was also family.

She talked to us about how we need to be proud of who we are and where we come from. She told us about how she came from Kaikohe, and that she was proud of this and all that she had accomplished because of who she was and is.

Along with telling us about needing to be proud of who we are, she also talked to us about how if we want something badly enough ... we can achieve it. And if that doesn't quite work out, something else will.

She reminded us that there will be highs and lows, and that nothing is going to be perfect all the time, but we will get better and we will get stronger if we keep trying.

This attitude reminded us of how Mrs G keeps reminding us not to say "I can't do something" but to rather add 1 word to the end of it. "I can't do something YET!".

Dreams were also something she talked to us about. She explained her life long dream of playing Netball alongside her idols, becoming a silver fern, but also how that dream shifted into a new dream of playing Rugby for NZ.

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Instruction videos - Linking writing to real purpose

Here are some movies that the children in our class created based on what we have been focusing on in both writing and within our topic of keeping ourselves safe.  

A small group of children work with Mrs G each morning as part of a group who are learning about how writing has a real purpose in life and on strategies that help them get their ideas down.  Below are the videos they created as part of this groups focus.  They asked some other children in the class to help them make their writing into a movie as they worked out this was something they would need help with.

First they came up with their instructions (morning focus and classroom writing time).  
Next they asked buddies to help them video (or take photos) of each of these steps.  
Third they asked Mrs G to help them put it into a iMovie.  
Then they added their words.
Finally recording their words.

I'm sure you will agree these are fantastic examples of both writing and a real life application of writing for purpose.

How to wash your hands - By Bailey, Riah and Laylah

How to brush your teeth - By Sapphire, Brody, and Parani

How to cross the road - By Honey, Legacy and Sage

How to do the Floss - By Felicity, Aiden and Liam
(They even got MRS G involved - LOL)

Learning through Play Week 1 Term 3

Here is a small video of things our little play based learning group have been up to this week.  It shows examples of how their playing has lead into guided learning and when pairing these together this is creating a powerful learning environment and motivation for both writing and further learning.

The purpose of this group is to increase their oral language so that their oral language can assist their learning across the curriculum through these oral experiences.  This then has a spin off effect on their focused learning times as these experiences act as a springboard for further learning.

We can't wait to see what this small group of children achieve next.

Stop motion movies created