Basic Facts are an important part of our children progressing on in Maths.  Prototec is an online practice of similar basic facts questions to what our children use in our school tracking.

It asks them to add their name, and to select the right basic facts level.  My advice would be to start at the level 2-3 regardless of if they are on stage 4, as this will help them to move quickly into the stage 4 questions.  If they are really struggling with one section, just focus on that - as this is a way your child can progress at their own speed.  It will time them in their efforts, and provide them with a certificate of their achievement.  Get your child to show this certificate with you so you can see how they are progressing too.

Many of our children also have basic facts cards to help them to solve these sorts of questions quickly.  Please take the time to see what sorts of questions they are working on as you can probably use some of these in your daily discussions around the house.

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