Saturday, 26 March 2016

Favourite books this week.

At Ohaeawai School we doing the 'Hells Pizza Challenge' for reading.  Each week Room 5 & 6 will talk to Mrs C and tell her about their favourite library story for the week.  Here is a little snip of what the children said this week.  

Well done Heidi, Joe, and Taylor for taking the interest in learning how to use iMovie.  I can't wait until I see the ones you make by yourself!!!


  1. Hello Room 5 and 6
    I really like your reasons why you like your books. Books are so much fun. I think your next step is to practice speaking louder as some of you were very hard to hear. Looking forward to seeing your next book reviews.
    Mrs Craig

  2. Hello Mrs Craig, thank you for the tip about talking louder so you can hear better. Do you have any children in Room 1 who can give us speaking tips? From Room 5 and 6