Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ball Skills with Whaea Gina

Today Whaea Gina came to Room 5 and 6 to teach us ball skills. 
We learnt how to use our hand to bounce a basket ball, and also how to bounce and chest pass to a buddy. 
We had lots of fun and lots of giggles. 
Check out our video that Joe, Frank and Teziah put together of our learning.
Next time Whaea Gina is going to teach us rugby ball skills. We can't wait!


  1. Kia ora room 5 and 6...wow looks like u guys are having so much fun while u are learning....eternity i saw how u were using two hands to bounce your ball....awesome my darling....dad so proud of u my darling....

  2. Hi Dad

    Thank you for looking at our class blog.

    From Eternity

    1. You are so welcome my baby...i cant wait to see some more of youre learning....

  3. Kia ora Room 5&6
    The children in Room 4 like the way everyone was bouncing the ball.We had fun with Whaea Gina too.

  4. Hello room 4

    Thank you for looking at our blog. What did you do yesterday with Whaea Gina?

    From room 5 & 6.

  5. Hello Room 5+6
    We enjoyed watching the video about your ball skills.We liked the ball skill when you threw the ball up and clapped your hands.
    From Room 8 at Kawakawa Primary School.We would love you to visit our blog page. kpshouston.blogspot.co.nz

  6. it is cool room 6+5 I in joy'd it

  7. Hi room 5+6 I like your video its a cool way to make a trailer
    I hope you's fun making the imovie you's have sum good skills it a fun game to play wen there's nothing to do

  8. that movie was great you need to improve on nothing by riley

  9. Hi my name is Kane from Ruma Ono at Kaniere School.Great work guys keep it up cool school keep doing stuff I got to go now bye cool school.