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Friday, 3 June 2016

Fun Lunchtime 2016

Thanks Arbey, Ariana, and Kristy for putting together a movie of our fun lunchtime photos.
We had a great lunch playing games, having our face painted or drinking Mrs Craig's and Mrs Clarke's delicious smoothies. We wonder how much money the children raised for the ski trip?
We can't wait until the next fun lunchtime!


Alicia Craig said...

Hi Room 5 and 6
What a great little movie you have created showing what happened on Fun Friday. Maybe the senior class would like to see this and use it as an advertisement for their next Fun Friday.
Great work Ariana - you will need to teach mum how to make one of those movies.
Mrs Craig

Devon said...

Love the video guys

arbey boyce said...

my mum. liked. the. fun. friday. because. i. showed. her. it.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is konrad from tautoro school i liked yur video it was very interesting

Honey said...

I love your i move hope you can mace more i move's for us

Luke said...

stunning work,room 6!!! I loved video!! get up the good work


Jack said...

wow that was a great fun friday video room 5&6 it sounded like all of you had a fun time

Charlie-Gurl said...

Hi Room 5
I love your i movie fun Friday. Sounds really awesome.
I like the idea of fun Friday.

Mum said...

hi room 5 & 6
cool that was an awesome clip

Mum said...

Hi Room 5&6,
cool that was an awesome clip of Fun Friday.
from denym

Marci-Lee Cowles said...

I loved that so much.

Marci-Lee Cowles said...

Te Marama love about the whole