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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tsunami Alert

Last term we had a visit from Ann-Marie from Civil Defence at FNDC. We learnt all about how to look and listen for natural warning signs for a tsunami and how to keep safe. We all designed a storyboard of our learning and created a class storyboard for a movie. Arbey, Mason D, and Cruz filmed our storyboard, and Jake and Sydney-Rose edited and put together the final product.
We won first equal in the movie competition!


Frank said...

Great movie guys! Congratulations on winning! I really liked your clear message on what to do if you think there is a Tsunami.
Franks mum Kate.

Louisa said...

Hi room 5 & 6, it's Louisa from room 1 at Ohaeawai School. I really like your movie about tsunamis. I bet you learnt alot

From Louisa