Saturday, 20 May 2017

Our Skype to Daniel

Joel :  Today we skyped with Daniel over in Canada.  We had lots of fun.

Kyle :  We saw a loader, lots of be birds and also an airstrip.  We have come up with some questions to ask Daniel next time we Skype with him...

'What do you use the loader for?'
'Why did you need to have the fuel brought in to your airstrip?'

Stella :  It was great seeing the Moose antlers that had been painted golden, and the Beaver skull with the orange tooth for chewing wood.  Next time we Skype we want to ask Daniel...

'Why is the tooth Orange that it chews wood with?"
Also what happens now that the ice is melting and their homes are getting exposed?

Mikayla :  We learn't that Daniel and his family carry pepper spray in-case they get attacked by a bear, but that they have to be 3 feet away for it to be effective.  We also learn't that black bears can actually be white as well which sounded really interesting.  We will have to look up more about black bears for next time we Skype with Daniel.

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