Thursday, 15 June 2017

What am I?

This week in class we have had a shared  book called Tails and Claws.  It gives you clues about an animal and then it tells you what it is.  So in writing we have been doing something similar. 

Everyone has created some fantastic work.  The focus has been on adding adjectives to add even more detail to our work.  Some of us have moved onto publishing because they were so fantastic.  

Initially we published some for our walls.  

Then some of us decided to publish using explain everything.  When we published on explain everything we decided that we wanted to use 2 different slides.  One for our clues and one for our answer to make our work more interesting for people watching it.  When we had put all the writing in, we recorded ourselves.  The finished work is what we are most proud of.  You can see a few examples below the pictures of our initial slide set up.

Watch out for more examples coming VERY SOON!!!


  1. Great reading Harry you did so well

  2. Wow the research done on these pieces of work is great. Well done everyone. From Ameras mum

  3. Hi Team Maunga
    I loved trying to guess what your animals were. Well done everyone and such good reading as well.

  4. Great work Team Maunga - I liked how you used adjectives to descibe your animals, and give us clues so we could figure out what your animal was.

  5. Hi there my name is Ella and I am a student at Ohaeawai Primary School. I really like how you used lots of information so we could guess. It made me think about trying to use more information. Have you thought about using even more information.

  6. Hi there,my name is Zavier and I am a student at Ohaeawai Primary School. I really like how Isaac and Harry said their animal report. It Made me think about that I need to add more words to my story. Have you guys thought about putting more words in your story so you can make your story cooler.

  7. Hi Team Maunga this is Mrs Tatum,
    I love how you described your animals by using adjectives. Imagine doing this for a made up animal!
    Thank you for sharing these at assemebly, room 4 loved them.

  8. Hi my mane is Fin. Great job on this piece of writing you have created. I hope you make more next year because I want to comment back again.