Sunday, 2 July 2017

Puppet Pal - Story Telling

This week we were lucky to have a few extra children in our class for a couple of days.  Te Aranui and Jayden (from Team Moana) helped some of our children to create some puppet pal examples of stories they had been reading this week.  This groups reading goal has been to increase reading fluency and to read with expression.  Well done to you all.

Help Me.  By Dakota

The Little Red Hen.  By Sienna M


  1. Kia ora Sienna, Dakota, Aranui and Jayden,
    I am SUPER IMPRESSED with your storytelling skills and your creativity. It must have been so good to have Aranui and Jayden to support you learning how to use Puppet Pals to tell your story in a different way. You both read so clearly and with good expression. I hope you have shared your stories with your whānau and friends. These are great examples that I will share with other students and teachers so they can be inspired by you too :-) Keep up the great work with your reading. Do you think you will be able to use Puppet Pals again now that Aranui and Jayden have showed you how?
    Ngā mihi nui

  2. well done Dakota we really liked your movie of the lion from harry

  3. I really liked your story Dakota about the lion that got stuck in the net
    from harry

  4. HI Room 5 and 6
    We really liked watching your stories on Puppet Pals. We recognised the story about the mouse and the lion that got stuck in the net. We felt sad that the elephant did not want to help the lion. Thank you for sharing.
    Kind Regards
    Room 2
    Park Estate Primary School