Saturday, 24 February 2018

Maths Statistics Inquiries.

What a busy start to school we have had in Team Maunga.  Mrs G has been working hard to establish new routines to make using iPads in our class easier and while she was doing this she discovered some Statistics work that we had wanted to share (but it got lost in our old system).  So here it is

Children came up with ideas/topics to ask questions about.

Laylah continued on with finding out about how much plastic is brought to school in peoples lunchboxes.  This showed that in Team Maunga we don't bring much 'plastic rubbish' to school, with many children in Team Maunga not having any rubbish at all.  She found that in Team Awa there seemed to be more rubbish and in Team Moana there was LOTS.

So in Team Maunga we have decided to set a CHALLENGE!

We want to Challenge the other teams to beat us next time we do this survey.  Lets reduce our rubbish and keep our school looking fantastic!

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