Monday, 2 April 2018

Learning about letters and postcards

Here are some examples of writing work we have done in class around letters and postcards.  We were really lucky to have a monster write us letters that we got to write letters back to.  We also were writing letters to send to a buddy class in Stratford, and Easter bunny wasn't to far away either.  These provided us all with motivation to write letters, below are a few links to work and things we did to help us develop great letter writing skills.

This Explain everything was something we did right at the start of us learning about postcards.  We were learning where things went on a post card and the types of things we could write for both a letter and postcard.  Well done Nicole.

This is an activity we did as part of our shared book.  This helped us see how letters are great not just for writing but also for reading too.  We had great fun doing this Explain everything.  Well done Sage.

Here is an example of a letter that Stella wrote to the Easter bunny.  As you can also see we discussed what things would make our letters better as a class, and Stella was able to take her writing away and pop it into an explain everything to record what she will do next to improve her letter writing.  This was a great reflection process for all children.  Well done on your presentation Stella.

By Stella

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