Friday, 18 May 2018

Our new School Pou

Recently we had our new Pou unveiling.  Here is a story that Sienna M made and published using Explain Everything.  The part she enjoyed most was taking and adding pictures.  It was really strange because Mrs G suggested taking these pictures in Portrait rather than Landscape (but they soon worked out why).  

Sienna M wanted to share this 'Recount' as it had a clear introduction, sequence and conclusion.  

Recounts haven't been our classes focus for a while so Mrs G and Ms F were very proud that Sienna M had remembered to include all these parts of a recount.  Mrs Craig was too. 

One thing Sienna M learn't was that she needed to count 1, 2, after she and finished talking so she didn't end up cutting the end off her recording.  Great effort Sienna M.

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