Saturday, 4 August 2018

Instruction videos - Linking writing to real purpose

Here are some movies that the children in our class created based on what we have been focusing on in both writing and within our topic of keeping ourselves safe.  

A small group of children work with Mrs G each morning as part of a group who are learning about how writing has a real purpose in life and on strategies that help them get their ideas down.  Below are the videos they created as part of this groups focus.  They asked some other children in the class to help them make their writing into a movie as they worked out this was something they would need help with.

First they came up with their instructions (morning focus and classroom writing time).  
Next they asked buddies to help them video (or take photos) of each of these steps.  
Third they asked Mrs G to help them put it into a iMovie.  
Then they added their words.
Finally recording their words.

I'm sure you will agree these are fantastic examples of both writing and a real life application of writing for purpose.

How to wash your hands - By Bailey, Riah and Laylah

How to brush your teeth - By Sapphire, Brody, and Parani

How to cross the road - By Honey, Legacy and Sage

How to do the Floss - By Felicity, Aiden and Liam
(They even got MRS G involved - LOL)

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