Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Mini Inquiries - student led

I have to say SORRY to all the parents of children in the Jets and Bicycles who have been bombarded with children bring crickets to and from school.  This has also becoming a class wide experience as more children get recruited to find crickets in the playground.

Last week the children had a book about crickets, and I encouraged them to make a cricket house, and research crickets.  They loved making these and taking them home, with crickets inside.  This kind of learning has continued at school I promise you, with children overturning rocks and chasing crickets all around the playground.  They have also looked up books in the library and enjoyed re-reading the cricket book we had used in class.

This has been a fantastic learning context for the children so please bear with it and remember to ask them questions about what they are learning.  If you have time you could also look up information about crickets together.  Feel free to email me information and photos of your experiences together!

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  1. Yes we had a lot of crickets come home! Ella and her brother went on cricket hunts every evening at home ☺