Monday, 29 May 2017

Zaviers Tuatara Animal Report

Last week we continued with our animal reports and researching different animals.  One of the creatures we talked about (but didn't get around to looking into in detail) was the Tuatara.

Over the weekend Zavier did his own research and brought it back to share this morning.  It was a fantastic example of an animal recount from a year 2.  Well done Zavier.  Mrs S and I were so impressed with how your had researched, and written your report, that instead of doing more research with the rest of the class, you were able to move straight into publishing your report to share.  Well done on your amazing work.


  1. HI Zavier
    Well done on your research. Where did you get your information from? Have you ever seen a real tuatara? In our class, only 8 children have seen a real tuatara.
    Thank you for sharing your learning and video.
    Kind Regards
    Room 2
    Park Estate Primary School

    1. Hi Room 2,
      I used my dad's tablet to find information about tuatara. I saw a real tuatara at the Wellington zoo.
      Thanks for visiting our blog.

  2. Awesome work Zavier - our family enjoyed hearing what you found out about Tuatara.