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Monday, 14 August 2017

How to Make a Paper Plane

For the last week we have been learning about air pressure. Veon wanted to make a paper plane to see what would happen to it with the pressure from different air forces. On Monday we learnt how to make a paper plane. We looked at YouTube tutorials to show us how people present instructions. Olivia, Ella, Shiah, and Kaira have put together a video explaining how to make a basic paper plane. The Hovercrafts (reading group) wrote up the steps for us on Pic Collage. Tomorrow we will try to follow these instructions to make planes to test with different air pressures, like a fan, hair dryer, or air released from a balloon. Cheyne wants to try and make different designs to see which paper plane will fly the longest distance.
Check out our video to see if you can make a paper plane. Please let us know how it goes!