Thursday, 31 August 2017

Shiah rides a bike

This term we have been very lucky to have a new student start with us.  His name is Shiah.  He has been part of a small bike riding group that goes out each morning to ride with Amiee.  Shiah initially didn't believe he could ride a bike, but now look at him go!  

He will be racing around our school bike track in no time.
Great work Shiah!


  1. So proud of you Shiah! I like the way you never give up and keep trying.

  2. Awesome Shiah! Well done and keep up the amazing work! Thank you Aimee, Mrs Gardiner and everyone else for teaching him to ride a bike 😊

  3. Hi 👋 there my name is Sam and I am a student at Ohaeawai Primary school. I really like the video of Shiah riding a bike 🚴 for the first time. Have you thought about riding a scooter. If you would like to view my learning my blog is https:// room5&