Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Visiting Harold

Last week our class had a visit from our very special friend, Harold. He taught us to be safe, kind, caring and sharing friends. We also learnt about being bucket fillers to keep our friends and teachers happy.


  1. Awesome! Looks like you have a great time when Harold visits!

  2. Hi Room 5 and 6
    We liked your video about filling buckets. We also enjoy filling people's buckets by being kind, friendly and helpful. Harold seems like a very happy and caring giraffe. It feels good to be nice to others. Have a lovely last week of the term.
    Kind Regards
    Room 2
    Park Estate School

  3. Hi team maunga my name is Reagan. I like the way you said it is good to help friends. It really helps new people who have just come to this school. The thing that I really like is when you come up to Harold. There was a lot of people with your hands up - you have a really smart class. I hope you do even more cool things.