Sunday, 1 October 2017

Bus Two's Auckland Adventure

Here are some photos and videos of bus 2 from our trip down to Auckland.

MOTAT educators took us into their flight classroom to learn about drag, lift, air pressure, weight, and thrust. This linked really well back to our Term theme 'Up, Up, and Away!' Our kids were excited to see experiments we had done in class for our science fair built on in the MOTAT flight classroom. We then got to catch the tram to MOTAT's main building, for more hands on interactive learning. A big hit was the Sunlight exhibition as you can see in the following link.
Bus 2 at Motat

Bus Two then headed off to the Zoo. Dave and Erin were amazing educators. After we had our orientation talk, we got to wander around with our groups exploring the zoo. We meet back for a BBQ dinner, set up our beds, then Erin played a true/false animal game with us. After dinner we had a look in the store room where they keep all the animal food. Erin gave us a close up look at a frozen rat, ew! There were definitively interesting foods and spices we did not expect to see, like coffee and curry powder! After the store room we covered our torches in red cellophane, so we didn't hurt any eyes (animals or humans), and Dave and Erin took us around for a night walk and talk.

After such a full day of adventure it didn't take long for our amazing kids to fall asleep!

The next morning after we packed up Erin took us on another educational tour as some of the animals were let out into their enclosures. Check out the following link for our zoo sleep over photos and see if you can spot the Team Maunga monkeys.
Bus 2 at the Zoo

Our next stop was Kelly Tarlton's. This was always a big hit with the kids. They took us into the classroom where we got to learn and touch treasures from the sea. They also showed us the video of how Kelly Tarlton's was built underground. We then got to explore around with our groups. Click on the link to see the kids exploring.
Bus 2 at Kelly Tarlton's

Thank you all for your support and help with our trip, from fundraising to parent helpers.  As you can see on their faces the learning opportunities and experiences were really well appreciated by our tamariki.

Make sure you check back on our blog for the iMovie trailers the kids made of the trip.

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