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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Our Magic School Bikes Movie

Here is a movie that our children have been working on in class.

First we all talked about what we wanted our movie to be on.  In term 3 our topic was on "up up and away", and many of our children had been interested in finding out more about space and rocket ships.  So the class decided that this was a good topic to do a movie on.  

Next we used little sheets of paper to make up a story board where we could draw the scenes that they wanted in their movie.  Next students found images (that were free to use, share and modify) that matched these story board scenes.  We even took some images using our green screen and a rocket ship that we borrowed from Paihia School.  Thank you Paihia school for loaning it to us so that we could use it.

After we had these images stored on our iPad, students recorded each other on bikes in lots of locations around our school, and then we did something that was very unusual.  Children then had to ride their bikes around inside (in front of our green screen).  This was very exciting for all - and seems to be the main highlight of making this movie for many.

Finally students were recorded telling their facts.  These they had to reaseach themselves, and the practice so they could say them loudly and clearly.  When all the recordings were done, children took turns working with Mrs G to assemble it on the iMac.