Saturday, 27 February 2016

Our Walk up Te Ahu Ahu

Here are some photos Grace took on our whole school trek up Te Ahu Ahu. We have been learning about the maunga around our community. Matua Ken and Hone shared their stories of our local area with us. We want to find out which maunga is the tallest and what the circle collection of stones were on Te Ahu Ahu, (Mrs G has a photo). The kids are also interested to know if any whanau have footage of the dog trials that have been on Te Ahu Ahu?

Keep an eye out on our blog to see some more photos of the kids from Room 5 and 6 as they climbed up the maunga with Mrs G's Go Pro that we will be posting soon.


  1. Hello Room 5 and 6. Walking Te Ahuahu was lots of fun and wasn't the view from the top amazing. I also learnt lots from Matua Hone about Te Ahuahu and the area. I am really looking forward to seeing your go-pro video. I bet it would of captured all the amazing sights and the faces of Ohaeawai School children as they climbed the massive maunga.
    Mrs Craig

  2. Ricci_Lee said "it was fun!"

    Ricci_Lee said "it was fun!"

  3. What very clever children there are in Room 5 and 6!!!
    Heidi's Mum and Dad

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