Friday, 26 February 2016

Well done to our healthy lunch box winners 
Ariana, Joe, Frank and Arbey! 
Look at their delicious snacks for our trek up Te Ahu Ahu. They all used reusable packaging too. All the lunch boxes last week were so outstanding we had to have a second draw this week.
Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Stevenson are very interested in the recipe for Frank's home made muffins.


  1. All your healthy lunchboxes are making Heidi's Mum and Lambee VERY HUNGRY! What a lovely choice of food you all have! Heidi is always careful at home not to have too much sugar!
    Did you know there is sugar that hides in nearly all of our food??
    From Heidi's Mum

  2. Hi Annette,
    Some of us didn't know about sugar hiding in lots of our food. Can you tell us some of the tricky foods we might not know about?
    From Room 5 & 6